A perfect bathroom for your home!

Our installation guarantees total security and beauty to your bathroom in an impeccable way so you can relax and enjoy your moments of tranquility

Comfort to your bathroom

Detailed installation

Professional team

Modernity and functionality

Our fuel to continue transforming spaces are reviews like these:

The perfect space to have the bathroom you want!

At 7x Tile you can count on a highly professional team that is ready to attend all your needs. This way, we can deliver a project that you have always wished for.

With a smart plan to understand your project and bring it to life, our team works with the right equipment and materials to make your bathroom your place of tranquility and relaxation.

Have an impeccable finishing in your bathroom

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Even though our company’s name is new, our professionals have been on the market for over 10 years. We currently attend the entire South Yarmouth region. Using our expertise, we come to the conclusion that prices are quite abusive, although the results are not so satisfying for the final customer; that is why we assure you real results, worth every investment on the project.

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